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American Beryllia Inc. is a leading worldwide manufacturer and distributor of beryllium oxide ceramic (BeO) heat sinks, crucibles, rods, washers, thermocouple tubing, and custom-made substrates for a diverse range of aerospace, defense, electronic and commercial applications.

Beryllium Oxide, commonly called beryllia, is a space age technical ceramic material that offers a combination of desirable properties not found in any other ceramic material. Distinguished by excellent thermal conductivity, it is excellent for applications that require a lot of heat dissipation along with dielectric and mechanical strength. It is particularly well suited for use as a semiconductor heat sink and as a heat dissipation medium in miniaturized circuitry.

American Beryllia provides both fired ceramic parts under the trade name Berlox™ and BeO Powder. Typical applications for BeO ceramic include heat sinks in high power electronics and semiconductors, and use as a heat dissipation medium in a wide range of miniaturized circuitry applications in the defense, military, aerospace, and commercial markets.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how beryllia can solve your heat dissipation problems on your project or application.

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