Beryllium Oxide Safety

Solid monolithic forms of fired Beryllium Oxide ceramic components will not present any meaningful health risks. If the safe handling practices, which have been recommended by those who manufacture Beryllium-based products, are adhered to with the necessary degree of rigor, these material components will essentially pose no health risk. Inhalation of airborne beryllium oxide particles, which are smaller than 10 microns, may cause a serious lung disorder in susceptible individuals. Therefore, a vigilant care when working with this material dramatically minimizes any possible health risks. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) determined the mandatory limits for safe occupational respiratory exposures for BeO. The guidance provided by Safety Data Sheet (SDS) ensures that a fuller understanding and an ability to comply with safe handling practices, when working with this material. For additional technical data on BeO contact American Beryllia.

download icon Beryllia Powder Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

download icon Solid Beryllia Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

download icon Metalized Beryllia Safety Data Sheet (SDS)